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 "We recently received our air fresheners and we're really happy with how great they
  turned out!  Awesome quality and our customers love them.  Thanks so much again for
  your team's excellent service! -
Gauzong, Oregon

 "I received the shipment yesterday and I looked over everything this morning. We are
  head over heals happy with the results!!  I cannot thank you enough. Thanks again for
  the prompt communication and quality service!!-
Charlotte, California

 "I just had to share with you that this fundraiser was FABULOUS!!  We asked for
 donations and made over $1300!  We still have half of our order left to use.  I would
 highly recommend your company to anyone looking for a fresh, new idea.  THANK YOU!!!"
Julie and Dan, Pennsylvania

 "These turned out fantastic!  Thank you for a great product" - Jeana, Nebraska

 "The air fresheners just arrived and look great!  Thank you so very much!" - Marty, Texas

 "I received them today and I love them!  Thanks again." - Katie, Colorado

 "We received our air fresheners on Wednesday.  They are amazing!  Thank you so much
 for all of your work and we hope to be able to work with you in the future." - Kelly,

  "We got the air fresheners this morning.  They look great and smell great!  I cannot
 wait to have them at our tradeshow this weekend.  Thank you and thank you to your
 team for getting this to us in a bit of a time crunch!" - Kevin, Ontario

 "Great product!  And very prompt!  Again thank you.  I will recommend your service."
 - Hilda, Texas

 "Just received the order of air fresheners and WOWZA....They look GREAT!!  I love
 that you were able to match the colors to our logo.  Thank you for your attention to
 detail.  I  am truly grateful." - Cindy, Pennsylvania

 "We got them today.  They look great and smell wonderful.  Thanks again for going
 the extra mile with these.  You have been a pleasure to work with.  We look forward
 to working with you again."- Tonya, Alabama

  "I cannot thank you enough for getting our logo imprinted air fresheners made and shipped
 so timely.  I received them yesterday, just as you said I would.  They are PERFECT! 
 We are very pleased with them.  Thank you for your professionalism and being so pleasant
 to work with.  Thank you again." - June, Oklahoma

  "Just got the air fresheners!  Wow!  Very nice!  The quality looks great. Thanks again."
 - John, Michigan

  "Thank you for doing such a good job, fast shipment and honesty about this job. I am
 very happy." - Helene, Quebec

 "The air fresheners look great, and you were right...they sell fast!" - Luke, Washington

  "I just wanted to tell you how fast these things are selling. Everyone loves them."
Angela, Arkansas

  "You did such a professional job. I cannot explain to you how much these air fresheners
 mean to me." - Kim, Massachusetts

  "Our fundraiser is going nuts!!  We have sold more than half of the 1000 we
ordered!!" - Denise, Florida

 "This sounds really great. It's nice to have something new that people actually use!!
 Please send me all the info to get started with this wonderful fundraiser!!" - Tammy, TX

  "The Tiger Paws are really selling great. I’ll have to wait awhile until we sell these
 off before I can reorder. You will probably get a few customers from this area.
 They are trying to steal my fundraiser!" - Kaye, Virginia

  "I received the air fresheners yesterday and they look awesome!!"- Jenn, Connecticut

 "These are BEAUTIFUL. Far beyond my expectations." - Lou, Arizona

  "Received the order today. I am very happy with them. I look forward to future
 orders. - Mark, Missouri

  "Love your site. Easy to follow and to the point, great." - Tina, Kentucky

 "Just wanted you to know that the air fresheners are a HUGE hit! - Denise, Utah

 "I received our air fresheners Monday afternoon. They came out great! People love them!
 I sold $150 worth in the first 24 hours. Thanks again." - Donna, New Jersey

 "Wanted to let you know that the air fresheners arrived in great condition.
 THEY ARE SUPER!! WE LOVE THEM!!" - Sherri, Massachusetts

 "We have several people wanting us to order for their schools also. We will probably
 put another order through soon. Thanks so much." -
Amy, New Jersey

  "This is a wonderful idea. No one in our area has done this before" - Chris, Kansas

  "Thanks. You've been a big help to me in my first endeavor as Fundraiser Coordinator"
 - Linda, Florida

  "I am so excited and grateful that I found you." - Joan, Indiana

  "I can’t wait to see how well it works! Thanks again." - Carolyn, Utah

 "You are awesome and because of your excellent customer service I will be happy to
 write a review when this is all done. - Jackie, California


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