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Frequently Asked Questions

 What other costs are there when we place our order?

 None. The price quoted is the TOTAL price you pay for your air fresheners. We do not add on extra charges such
as, set up fees, design fees, shipping charges, extra scent fees, custom size fees, header card print fees, etc.
Beware! Other companies will quote you a low price and then add on these fees to your final bill!

 Can I have any shape or color?

 Yes. Almost any shape is possible and you can choose any color from over 1,114 different Pantone color shades.
We can design your air freshener for you or you can use your own image, logo or design. We don't just print your
image on a square or oval card. We cut the air freshener around the outside border of your image to make
a truly custom shape.     Send us your ideas!

 Can I have additional scents?

 Yes. Unlike other companies that charge extra for each scent change, we give you
 2 FREE scent choices when you order 500 air fresheners, 4 FREE scent choices when
you order 1000 air fresheners and 10 FREE scent changes when you order 2500 air fresheners.

 How do I send a logo or image?

 We can usually work off any format you send. Just email us with an image and we will gladly help you if needed.

 What is a header card?

 A header card is attached to the top of each air freshener bag. It has a hole for hanging on the FREE counter
display rack that is included with each order. The front of the header card has the name of your organization, club,
etc. or can have any message you want. The back of the header card has instructions for the air freshener
along with a bar code or can also be printed with whatever you want. The header cards are totally customizable,
 are attached to each air freshener and is included in the price of your order.
There is no minimum required. If you don't need header cards withyour air fresheners, but simply want
to use them as a "give away" promotion, let us know and we can price your air fresheners even lower.

 Why should I order from you?

 29scents supplies custom air fresheners for fundraising or corporate needs ONLY. We specialize in this area
and offer very professional service. Many other promotional companies have dozen's of different products
 and cannot possibly keep a "hands on" approach to your order. Our service, from initial contact through
production to delivery is closely  monitored.  All of our air fresheners are 100% Made In The USA.

 BEWARE! If you buy from companies that supply 100's of different promotional products (hula hoops, rubiks
cubes, lanyards, hacky sacks, frisbees, etc.) you are not receiving the very best service or price.
These companies may require minimum orders, have limited scent choices, only print on square or circular shapes,
charge extra for extra colors or shapes, require buying 1000's of header cards, be located outside of the U.S.,
sell out of vending machines (which you need to buy from them!), etc...etc...etc. We only manufacture
custom air fresheners and offer the best price, highest quality and superior service.

 How do I order and what's the process?

 The first step is to go to our Get a Quote page.  These are your instructions to us as to how you want your
air fresheners to look, how many you are ordering, your scent choices, etc. After you upload your instructions
 and your image (or we design the image for you) we will provide you with a total cost for your air fresheners. 
When you decide to go ahead with your order, we will then email a "proof" to you that shows all the information
 you submitted and how your air freshener will look. You can make as many changes on the proof as you want
until the proof is exactly as you want your air fresheners to look. Remember...these are custom air fresheners
 and should be made exactly how you want them. If everything looks good on the final proof, you then sign it
and fax or email it to us. Not until we receive the signed proof authorizing us to go ahead with production
do we get started on making your air fresheners.  Payment is not processed until we have authorization
 from you to get started on making your air fresheners for you.

 How long does it take for delivery?

 Because these are custom one-of-a-kind products, you should have the air fresheners in hand approximately
15-18 business days from the day you authorize production to delivery. 
We also offer RUSH services at additional costs if you need your air fresheners sooner.


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